Put Yoga to Work this Fall!

Fall is an ideal time to begin or reengage a yoga or meditation practice. Not only will a practice support the increased demands on your schedule with a balance of self-care, it also will help keep you healthy and happy as sunlight diminishes and cold and flu season begins. Yoga and meditation both boost the immune system and keep the spirit up-lifted and energy strong into and through the winter season.

Yoga and meditation offer practical tools for achieving and maintaining physical, mental and emotional well-being in today’s on-demand, information-overload lifestyles. The simple act of taking time out to tune inward and allow the mind to rest is restorative to the whole system. Add some physical movement to release tension, build strength and flexibility and you’re stimulating, refreshing and energizing. Mix that with deep breathing and purposeful relaxation and you’re boosting the immune system, deterring illness, improving your potential for restorative sleep and building resilience for both body and brain. At work, you experience more focus and calm before, during and after major decisions or crunch times. At home, you have an enhanced ability to shift gears and give yourself important decompression time. Just 2 or 3 practice sessions each week will produce noticeable results!

Find a class or workshop that fits your schedule!

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