Welcome the New Year with Intention

Whether with resolution, intention or ritual, the activities we choose to welcome in the new year are an opportunity to reassess and recommit to qualities we desire in our lives. Taking the time to reflect on the past year and letting go of that which does not serve us any longer is a great start to create space for the new. Whether your ritual is cleaning up your email box, cleaning out a closet or making a list of what you would like to let go and then ripping up or burning the list as a symbolic gesture, letting go clears room for creative energy.

Creating a ritual to activate your intentions for the new year is equally powerful. Deepok Chopra speaks of 5 steps to setting powerful intentions: “Slip into the ‘Gap’, a state of restful awareness; Connect with and release your intentions here where your awareness is centered on ‘the quiet field of all possibility’; Cultivate this state of awareness; Detach from the Outcome and Let the Universe Handle the Details.” Of course, the follow-up footwork is essential but creating this mindful map to help guide us our direction is key. Keeping the course is easier said than done and can require dedicated practice and a supportive community to keep us on course. Finding and engaging in a practice of mindful yoga, meditation, yoga nidra and/or pranayama helps us to cultivate this state of “restful awareness”, to continue to touch the truth and connect with the power of our intentions and to continue to cultivate them well into the new year. 

Come join the teachers at PRACTICE for any of the wonderful January offerings that will support your intentions for good health and happiness for the year ahead. Choose from the ongoing class schedule of Yoga classes to the Special Winter offerings including Chakra Yoga, Accessing and Processing Grief with Yoga Nidra and Journaling, or deepening your practice with Pranayama and Meditation.

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