This Moment…

“Smooth seas do not make skillful sailors.” – African Proverb

What truer words can be offered than these for this moment?

Not being a sailor, I can still identify with the idea of recognizing that challenge can help us strengthen our skills. Smooth sailing is a gift but there can also be gift in challenge, if we can remember to approach it mindfully and gently. At this moment, with all that we all are balancing each day, we can choose to exercise the fundamental skills that help us live well with kindness and purpose. We return to practice.

Mindfulness, meditation, yoga, nature – whatever your essential practice for maintaining a steady hand at the helm, for living with empathy and acting with heart – today, this moment, is a good time to practice. We move forward, together, as best we can, with gratitude for the moments of calm knowing that when the storms come, we will be able to dig deep into our reserve of practiced skill and navigate safely.


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