We Begin Again…

Please join me for the next series of Mindfulness Meditation practices beginning Monday, December 5 from 7-8PM EST.

We turn into December with an invitation to begin again. Zen teacher Suzuki Roshi famously said, “In the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities, but in the expert’s there are few.” Taking the attitude of beginner’s mind helps cultivate curiosity, value inquiry and open to new possibilities, as if we are exploring new territory . It does, however, take some courage as it asks us to push off from the familiar shore and venture into the “don’t know” mind.

From my experience, taking time for guided meditation and restorative rest helps release my “solutions” mind and allows my “creative” mind to reset and reemerge. Even a 15 or 20 minute period of intentional pause can reboot my system, allowing me to begin again, whatever that means for that moment in my life.

Yet, this respite can be so elusive. Enjoying a guided meditation practice can help by directing attention toward body, breath or other sensations, to help anchor our minds in the moment rather than in the busy mental activity of the day. Once we are able to find that moment of quiet, focused rest, we can more readily arrive back into the day, or evening, with a fresh, open, present-moment awareness, more grounded and even kinder!

There are many, many benefits of a mindfulness meditation practice, but even just this one, cultivating beginner’s mind, can be of great value in these days of unrest and discord.

Please join me for my next series of Mindfulness Meditation practices beginning Monday, December 5 from 7-8PM EST. These small group Zoom sessions focus on the essential mindfulness practices, are guided, are open to all levels of practitioner and are offered freely by donation. I invite you to join in as your schedule allows.  Please contact me at liveyourpractice@gmail.com FMI.

Namaste and many blessings, Deb

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