Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra is an ancient yoga practice that is closer to meditation that what we know typically as yoga movement. It is done in Shavasana (Relaxation pose) often with props (blanket, eye bag) to help the body relax in comfort. Yoga Nidra sessions can be tailored for specific conditions and can last from 20 minutes to an hour or more.

Yoga Nidra is meditative & soothing. It calms the mind, relieves stress, cultivates self-compassion, is deeply relaxing, can transform negative thought patterns, decreases anxiety and depression, restores vital energy, boosts creativity & spontaneity. The process of yoga nidra helps you transition from a constant state of “on” into a deep relaxation mode, which is also where your body naturally heals itself.

Yoga Nidra can also helps you catch up on lost sleep as well as improve your current sleep quality! 20 minutes of yoga nidra is equated with 4 hours of sleep. Unlike a regular “nap” Yoga Nidra systematically invites relaxation to body, mind and emotions, quickly and effectively. It is like re-charging one’s batteries. Excellent for people recovering from stress OR in the middle of marathon productivity sessions and needing deep rest to recharge,

Research conducted at well-recognized universities and medical centers including Stanford University, Walter Reed Army Medical Center, Ohio State University, Medical College of Ohio, Banaras University and others, shows that regular practice of yoga nidra offers a viable means of prevention and reversal of numerous ailments and diseases, including cardiovascular, stress-related illness, chronic pain, and psychosomatic conditions. Yoga nidra strengthens the immune system, helps regulate blood pressure, balances the nervous and endocrine systems, improves sleep and aids insomnia. Yoga nidra aids all stress related illnesses which are 99% of illnesses today.

Yoga Nidra is proven to:
permanently lower high blood pressure and cholesterol levels
strengthen immune system
increase helper cells that defend against infectious disease
increase blood flow to the heart
balance the autonomic nervous system (brings one out of flight or fight
relieve pain and reduce or eliminate the need for pain medication
balance and strengthen the endocrine system
revitalize and recharge vital energy
stabilize mind and emotions
enhance creativity
meditative and soothing
heart opening and cultivates self-compassion
activate our dormant healing energy to improve overall health and well-being

For more information, contact Deb at

“Deb’s Yoga Nidra is a balm for the soul. When I feel stressed, I just hear Deb’s voice reminding me to go deep, find peace, and bring it off the mat and into my life. The effects are long lasting, and each session is a slightly different flavor of pure bliss. Cannot recommend this experience highly enough.” Bonnie




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